New Publication Newsletter: May 2020

New Publication Newsletter: May 2020

We have 6 new editions out this month. As many of us are making more music at home, we hope to bring brightness and a gift of music to your lives.

Arensky - Romanza, from Symphony No. 2

This Romanza is the centerpiece of Arensky's Second Symphony. In the orchestral score, the cello solo takes the center stage. This arrangement retains as much of the solo as possible, adding the solo horn part to fill out the rest. It's a gem of a piece, suitable for a recital or a special occasion.

Haydn - First Movement Cadenza to Cello Concerto in D major

Cellists are always looking for new cadenzas to play in classical concertos. I wrote this cadenza when I was on the audition trail. I hope that this cadenza can serve our cello community. 

Klengel - Serenade and Humoresque, Op. 5

These two short pieces are best known as works for cello quartet. For the first time, these are available for cello and piano. Serenade and Humoresque are a perfect pair to open a recital or for a special occasion. The Serenade is especially suitable for wedding prelude music or a funeral.

Pleyel - Sonata for Pianoforte and Violoncello, Ben. 436

This sonata was originally composed for piano with obbligato violin and cello. Subsequently, Pleyel arranged it for piano and flute. This edition has taken ideas from both Pleyel versions and has produced a historically-informed transcription for piano and cello, in line with tradition of the 1780s. This happy work is bound to brighten any recital program. Although both piano and cello are more or less equal partners, this work should be billed as "Sonata for Pianoforte and Violoncello," as was the custom of the period.

Tchaikovsky - Aveu Passionne

Tchaikovsky's Aveu passionne (Passionate Confession) makes a great recital opener. It's best known as a solo piano piece and the slow section of Tchaikovsky's Voyevoda Symphonic Ballad.

Tchaikovsky - October, from The Seasons, Op. 37b, No. 10

Tchaikovsky's October is a very well-known extract form the piano cycle, The Seasons, Op. 37b. Nicknamed "Autumn Song," this piece is reflective and melancholy. It makes a great recital opener or music for a funeral. In fact, it was played at the funeral of the famous cellist Mstislav Rostropovich.

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