Intermediate Bach for the Cello by C. Krane (the real contents)

Here is part 3 to my Suzuki Cello School list. This compilation is called Intermediate Bach for the Cello by Charles Krane. Up until now, these pieces have not been identified by the publisher. Please read part 1 and part 2 in this series. I would like to thank Stacey Krim and the UNCG Martha Blakeney Hodges Collection for helping me in my research.

Gigue - Mer hahn en neue Oberkeet, BWV 212, No. 14

Chorale - Die bittre Leidenszeit beginnet abermal, BWV 450

Bourree - from Suite No. 3, BWV 1068

Sarabande - Beschränkt ihr Weisen dieser Welt, BWV 443

Forlane - from Suite No. 1, BWV 1066

Allegro moderato - Finale from Gamba Sonata No. 1, BWV 1027. This number is also used in the Suzuki Method.

Siciliano - from C.P.E. Bach's Flute Sonata, H. 545, formerly attributed to J.S. Bach (BWV 1031)

Minuet - Christian Petzold's Minuet in G, formerly attributed to J.S. Bach.

Pastorale - Not found. Very similar to Cotillions (Anonymous) and Quartet/Divertimento (František Xaver Dušek)

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