Critical Notes Series: Stravinsky's Suite Italienne

Most of the music written in the last 100 years is monopolized by the original publishers. I'll venture to say that most of this music was killed by the original publisher because it was pulled out of print. We may never know it. Copyright rants aside, I would like to talk about a work that is singularly controlled by Boosey: Stravinsky's Suite Italienne for cello and piano (1932). This work exists in many different incarnations: Pulcinella, the ballet (1920); Pulcinella Suite for orchestra (1920, rev. 1947); Suite Italienne for violin and piano (1925, rev. 1934 in collaboration with Dushkin); and Suite Italienne for cello and piano (1932 in collaboration with Piatigorsky).

The cello and piano version of the Suite is largely based on the 1925 violin and piano version. Other than a few re-voicings, Stravinsky replaced the Gavotte and Scherzino with the Aria. As with all publications, the Suite comes with its share of misprints, things that were overlooked by the proofreaders. Unfortunately, this work is not worthwhile for Boosey to correct, so they will continue reprinting the misprints until this work comes into public domain and someone else corrects the mistakes.

I would like to provide a list of errata in the cello part below, so your next performance will be more informed.

1. Introduzione

m. 6: staccato mark needs to be on note 4, not note 3 
m. 11: lower-voice slur needs to be on notes 2-3, not on notes 3-4
m. 27: slur missing from notes 1-2 in the piano part
m. 32 cello part is missing the trill on beat 3 
mm. 38-40: cello part slurs notes 1-3 and 4-9 together; piano score slurs notes 1-6 and 7-9 as in the previous passage 

2. Serenata

m. 18: trills missing from notes 1, 3, 5. Trills are present in all other versions.
m. 23-26: the harmonic diamond is in the wrong place. The C must be a solid notehead with a diamond a 5th above.

3. Aria

m. 32: both cello part and score have an odd double time signature. It should just be cut time.
m. 39: cello part missing slur over the 3 notes
m. 69: cello part has a dim. hairpin across mm. 68-69 
m. 92: piano score missing accent on note 2
m. 107: cello part has a sff on note 4; piano score has a sf
m. 107: cello part has an extra beat; notes 4-5 need to be eighths
m. 130: cello part has a dim. hairpin on notes 2-3 and the p is on note 2 of m. 131; piano score doesn't have a dim. has a subito in m. 131
m. 164: cello part has a sf on note 1; piano score has a ff on note 1 
m. 176: attacca missing in the piano score

4. Tarantella

nota bene: m. 19, note 3 is a tritone; m. 20, note 4 is a tritone
m. 70: piano score missing staccato markings on all notes
m. 90: piano score has a double bar before the last measure

5a. Minuetto

m. 35: lower-voice note 1 fingering should be 2, not thumb
m. 46: upper-voice note 1 fingering should be 3, not thumb
m. 61: piano score is missing the accents on notes 2-5

5b. Finale

m. 23: piano score missing dolce 
m. 29: piano score missing f sub. 
m. 69: piano score missing slur on notes 2-3
m. 79: cello part has an E as note 2; piano score has a G (correct)
m. 95: the fingering on the lower-voice note 1 must be thumb, not 1
m. 111: piano score missing on beat 1

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