Weber - Grand Potpourri, Op. 20 (Urtext Edition)
  • Weber - Grand Potpourri, Op. 20 (Urtext Edition)
  • Weber - Grand Potpourri, Op. 20 (Urtext Edition)
  • Weber - Grand Potpourri, Op. 20 (Urtext Edition)
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YL Edition presents an Urtext edition of Weber's Grand Potpourri based on the autograph manuscript by Weber, signed on 31 December 1808, located at the Bodmer collection in Switzerland. We would like to thank the Bodmer collection for making the autograph available to us. Our edition consists of a clean cello part, a cello part with fingerings and bowings, as well as a new piano reduction. Weber wrote this piece while he was the artistic director at Hofkapelle Stuttgart. The inscription on the title page reads: "Grand Potpourri pour le Violoncelle composé et dédié à son ami Graff Professeur de Violoncelle au service de S.M. le roi de Würtemberg par Charles Marie B. de Weber Op. 20 1808 in Stuttgard komponirt."

The Grand Potpourri is in D major and consists of 4 movements, which are performed without pause. This concerto is very tuneful, but also has several virtuosic passages, primarily octaves and upper positions (centered on harmonics). The first movement is a majestic introduction. The second movement is an Andante with variations. Feuermann recorded this movement with piano in an arrangement by Grützmacher. The transition into the third movement is a place for an improvised cadenza. The third movement is a searching Adagio with a Fandango middle section. The Fandango section is quite acrobatic for the soloist, but always idiomatic. The rondo theme comes from Franz Danzi's opera “Der Quasi-mann”, Therese's Rondo “The Guardian Spirit, the Lover.”

The Grand Potpourri would make an excellent first concerto by a "major" composer for a student who is ready to play a piece on the level of Haydn's C major Concerto or Saint-Saens Concerto No. 1.

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