Critical Notes Series: Danzi's Cello Concerto in A major

Danzi - Cello Concerto in A major, P. 241 (Urtext Edition, Solo Part)
Danzi - Cello Concerto in A major, P. 241 (Urtext Edition, Orchestra Score)
Danzi - Cello Concerto in A major, P. 241 (Urtext Edition, Orchestra Parts)

Franz Danzi (1763–1826) was a German cellist, composer, and conductor, the son of the Italian cellist Innocenz Danzi and brother of the noted singer Francesca Lebrun. Danzi is mainly remembered as a composer of woodwind music. However, he contributed to the cello repertoire with at least five concertos (2 considered lost), a concertino, several sonatas, and chamber works. Danzi's mentee, Carl Maria von Weber included a rondo based on Danzi's opera Der Quasimann (1789), Therese's Rondo “The Guardian Spirit, the Lover,” in his Grand Potpourri, Op. 20 (1808).

The present Cello Concerto in A major was published in 1803 in Zurick by Hans Georg Nägeli (Jean George Naigueli), with a low plate number 7. This concerto famously contains variations on Mozart's "La ci dream la mano" from Don Giovanni as the finale. The first movement of the Concerto is in sonata form without the return of the primary theme in the recapitulation. The slow movement is in ternary form in F major with a 17-bar transition to the finale. The finale contains four variations, the third being more lyrical in the minor mode. The 84-bar coda is based on " Andiam, andiam, mio bene."

Our edition is based on the first edition parts graciously provided by the Loeb Music Library at Harvard University. All deviations from the text have been detailed in the footnotes and marked with editorial markings in the orchestra score.

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