Coming back to my favorite set of strings

Over the years I've tried different sets of strings. Thanks to the graciousness of Thomastik, Pirastro, Jargar, and Larsen (in no particular order) I've been able to experience the latest technology of string making firsthand. The strings that really made…

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My Current Practice Setup

I've been practicing with some kind of recorder consistently for the last 10 years. For better or worse, I believe that every student must learn proper self evaluation. During my student years, I've gone from the low tech mirror, to…

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Bringing Music to the World

If someone told the 14 year-old me that I would be the first to make an edition available to the world, I don't know how I would have reacted, probably surprised. I've had my milestones, completing the Tchaikovsky Cello Concerto…

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Uzbek Pilaf

What do many musicians do during the summer? If you said summer festivals, you are correct. What do I do? I spend time with my family, prepare cello rep for the next season, do typesetting/recording projects I had been looking…

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New blog

Please stay tuned! My new blog will feature topics such as rediscovering forgotten composers, playing music by my friends, creating critical editions, testing out music gear, languages, and even recipes.