Introducing Arsentiy Kharitonov's Reminiscenza for Solo Cello

This work was written about 3 years ago by Arsentiy Kharitonov, a pianist-composer from St. Petersburg, Russia. Currently residing in Texas, Kharitonov composed this solo cello tone poem for Cicely Parnas. The entire work germinates from the first three measures of the piece. The majority of Reminiscenza (Italian: reminiscence) is built on undulating eighth notes and triplets, punctuated by a three-note motive. The opening material is presented in its most recognizable form right in the beginning, in the middle before the first recitative, and near the end where the music is marked “pazzo” (Italian: insane). Generally, the piece is structured around the quickening of the pace and then starting over again. The last “colossal” moment comes to a halt, and as if in a fog, we catch the final glimpse of the “idee fixe.” We run to catch it, only to wake up to reality.


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